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The DOMS of 2020

An eternal reminder that we survived

I hope you appreciate your gold plated coffin cause no one else will be here to.

Just because you can f**k a shark, doesn’t mean you should!

Honest? Yes. Offensive? Probably. A bit of light-hearted fun? Definitely!

  • It was going to be a heartfelt letter to the original f*ckwit who looked at a bat and thought ‘mmm tasty gotta get me some of that’. Giving a whole knew definition to bat-sh*t crazy.
  • A letter to the media whom the term ‘retard’ doesn’t fully encapsulate.
  • To the f*ckwits that stopped buying Corona beer, because of COVID-19 and yes… To the ones who did buy it, just to share…

When s**t hits the fan, be proud of the skid marks left on your clothes!

Red Hearts, Red Roses and Red Flags… A Sceptic’s View on Valentine’s Day

You Can’t Polish a Turd!

Unless you’re are a well-oiled hunk-o-junk… Swim on!

Yeah nah, I’m sweet as bro. We’ll take the chilly bin down to the beach in our flip flops and have some fush and chups watching the sunset. Chur mate.


Just your Aussie girl-next-door, putting words together into something that might just end up being worth a read.

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